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10 January 2010

Beijing Hutong in winter, China

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Learn a language at home? Sure, but at Hutong School in Beijing you'll experience a whole different deal. As did I myself.

Arrival in Beijing was pretty straight forward, I got picked up by someone from the school staff. The appartment turned out really okay, just the stone hard mattress with springs coming through and my neighbour snorring as if his life depended on it were quite disturbing. Eating is a challenge and adventure every day again. By now, after two weeks I know more or less what I'm ordering (in the cases there are no pictures, just chinese menu's), but never exactly. The only time the food turned out questionable - to say the least - I found myself eating something like donkey feet. I've never eaten anything that disgusting in my life.

The school's nice, but quite cold around this time of year (until we found out an airconditioning can turned to heating...). The first week was a living hell, I had to catch up for a week, which was "not al all easy". Now I'm fine, it's just amazing how much you can learn in just two weeks. I'm living with another Dutch guy Bim, which is really great. The other flatmate is my snorry Greek 57 year old neighbour, who seems to have forgotten his tongue in his home town. But we get by.

In total I've spent 3 months in the Hutong School learning Chinese. A great experience of cultural immersion that gives you a pleasant, challenging and unique opportunity to both learn a world language and get to know the culture that comes with it.

Interested in doing something similar? Just drop me a line through the contact form on this website and I'll be pleased to share my experience with you.