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Gallery arrow  Asia - Uzbekistan - Edges of Kizilkum desert
Local fruit market
Donkey and apprentice
Returning home with loads of plants
Umbrella for the sun
Hordes of dragonflies
Uzbek army status quo
Countryside house
Shepherd's dwellings
Kamaz truck in apparent trouble
Even a Dutch truck we spotted!!
We're not the first driving on this tarmac...
New road construction, no luxury.
This turn takes you into Turkmenistan
Disappearing road
Nothing much to eat
Uzbek children
Watching over ruins
Uzbek boy
Uzbek yurta
Heading to the market with the harvest?
Uzbek bus
At the Amu Darya bank
Motorbike with sidecar
An old pulling boat
The boat pulling the ferry
That's a lot of melons you've got there!
Anchor in the river bank
Waiting in the shade
Bus full of Uzbek ladies heading for the ferry
Uzbek ladies posing
Uzbek truck
Sun setting over the Amu Darya
Amu Darya River Bank
Qeueing for gasoline
Horse-drawn carts
Bridge over the Amu Darya into Turkmenistan, east of Gazojak
Bridge across the Amu Darya
Bridge over the Amu Darya: don't meet a train!
Here the Amu Darya still looks wide.
Sun setting
Selling water melons
Sun setting over Uzbek graves
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