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Gallery arrow  Asia - Kyrgyzstan - Osh
First sight when entering Osh: destruction
Communist wall decoration in Osh
Mosque in Osh
Appartments in Osh
Burned-out shops
Street scene in Osh
Entry arch to the once old and famous Osh Bazaar
Left buste in Osh shop
Searching for valuable remains
Some kind of hospital burned to the ground
Roasted sigarette dispenser
Booths marked "Kyrgyz" were not demolished, only the Uzbek people's ones
Serenity amont total destruction
Left sandal
All destructive flames left nothing
Completely burned-out
Stray dog on Osh Bazaar
Deserted Osh Bazaar
Blackened steel skeletons
Chair in destructed food stall
Pose among destruction in Osh Bazaar
The Tar River cutting Osh bazaar in two
Steel skeletons
Drying tomatoes
Kyrgyz soda seller
Miru-mir: peace to the world
Women hunting for fruit bargains
Old broom maker
Women selling potatoes and vegetables
Osh woman posing for the camera
Bustes melons and military
Old Kyrgyz man with traditional hat
Women shopping outside Osh Bazaar
New possibilities to hand over your product...
Osh family portrait
Elderly Osh lady selling nuts
Two Kyrgyz girls dancing in front of a fountain
Kyrgyz art in the Alumbek Datka museum
Old Kyrgyz picture
Kyrgyz nomads in the 60's
Old Russian GAZ-24 Volga
Stairway up Sulayman Too
Mozaique near Sulayman Too foot
Wood carving
Grave on Sulayman Too
Mosque at the foot of Sulayman Too
Pathway leading up to the top of Sulayman Too
Mist over Osh suburbs
Osh panoramic view
Sattelite discs in Osh
Bird on Sulayman Too
Tanks still roaming the streets of Osh
Street scene: waiting for the bus
Woman waiting for the bus
Fruit in the streets of Osh
Holding mummy's hand
Little girld posing
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