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Asia - Vietnam
28 May 2010

Half a coconut on phu quoc island beach

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Right after our trip to the Mekong Delta we continued to the coast where we took a boat to Vietnamese the Island of Phu Quoc, which turned out a nightmare. The water level was too low apparently and we got stuck at full sea, going very slowly only or not moving at all sometimes. The four hour journey took us at least six and the airco didn't work either on this burning hot day, apparently to the low water level as well.

From the harbour we took a shared taxi which we literally where squeezed in. They tried to get rid of us and drop us far, far outside town, but we just stayed in the van, due to which we got a little closer to town. We met some tourist that told us the west beach was very dirty but they'd seen a very good spot on the far south-eastern coast on a daytrip. We decided to share a taxi with a fellow traveller to get there which still costed around fifteen dollars and we found a nice bungalow. However, the bungalow turned out to be not so nice at night, when huge spiders (see picture) and loads of rats started roaming it. We first noticed when things in our room started to change location overnight. The first two times the big spider escaped, but the third time it made the cardinal mistake to take a rest with it's back facing me. The sandal struck it mercilessly.

The beach however was lovely, especially the part of the neighbouring hotel with fancy, clean, lovely rooms that we couldn't afford really. But we could use their beach, having breakfast there and ordering a drink every now and then, which really made our trip. The deserted stretches of beach with the palms hanging over it was something I'd been looking forward to for ages and we could have stayed here for a week!

After our stay on the island we took a boat back to shore and crossed the border at Ha Tien to Cambodia and travelled on to Kampot by taxi.