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Asia - Uzbekistan
27 August 2010

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After our stay inNukus from where we had made a trip to the Aral Sea, we travelled by to Samarqand by bus. A trip that did not go entirely as planned. We wanted to hitch hike with one of the many Willy Betz trucks crossing theKyzylkum desert, but right on the day we were heading for Samarqand, they had a national transport stop and none of them were driving. So we got on a random bus passing by, which, after several technical repairs, got us in the direction of Samarqand. But just about 1,5 hour before arriving, it stopped and the driver called it a day at a restaurant. The otherUzbek travellers seemed not at all surprised and were preparing to spend the night in the open, in front of the restaurant.

We were not amused. After spending 15 minutes of discussion without result with the ticket guy outside, I went into the restaurant after the bus driver. After another 15 minutes discussions in Russian with him, I left with a refund loudly applauded by the public that had gathered around me. An over-priced taxi took us with the speed of light to Samarqand, where we arrived very late to a beautiful traditional auberge.

The city of Samarqand was in many ways "saving the best for last". The many colourful and mostly beautifully restored monuments left a permanent impression that makes me enthusiastically recommend Uzbekistan as a tourist destination until today.