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Asia - Uzbekistan
17 August 2010

Enjoying an afternoon in front of the circus, Toshkent, Uzbekistan

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Arriving in Toshkent from Margilan, we met an international group among which a Dutch guy was participating in a rally to Mongolia with a German-imported Mercedes ambulance: a real blast. He advised us move in to a business hotel, as it was just the same price as the crappy Soviet-style backpacker place where we had arrived first.

There turned out to be a few nice, affordable hotels in town, but they had no certification to host "foreign devils" and without a little piece or registration paper, you could get into trouble when leaving the country.

Toshkent is an awkward place. Many lanes are said to have been tree-lines, quite pleasantly looking, but that is gone, as they've all been cut down a few years ago in some restructuring project by the country's lunatic and despotic leader.

Nevertheless, there are a few things to see, mostly just aspects of daily life in Toshkent. The city is also nick-named "city of white storks". It took us a few days to find them:).

Another great adventure, maybe one of the more challenging during our 6 months trip, took place in Toshkent: application for a visa for Turkemistan! Even getting into the consulate already was a major challenge, details of which I do not wish to disclose here. Anybody having experience with obtaining official documentation in countries operating "Soviet-style" will know what I mean...