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Asia - Tibet
11 July 2010

Fully loaded Tibetan truck at high pass heading towards Mt. Everest Base Camp

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After a tiring ride from Shigatse towards the Mount Everest, we finally arrived at the Everest Base Camp (the Chinese 'version' of it, since there are NO climbers here, it's nothing but a tourist camp apparently, with strict military control...). By now I felt a lot better. We got into the nomad tent that was going to be our night's shelter and made ourselves comfortable at the yak-dung-fired stove. Piles of blankets in the corner were going to keep us warm for the night, which was not that easy at about 5100 meters altitude.

After some yak butter tea we got on the military checked bus and were driven to the closest point to the Mount Everest, or Mount Qomolungma as it is called in Tibet. A short but exhausting hike up a small hill offered us a better view on the world's highest peak. Three Basques unfolded a flag to be photographed with and so did a group of Chinese amateur photographers, but within a few minutes a few soldiers came up, reprimanded the Chinese and confiscated their harmless flag that only showed the logo of their club and the text 'amateur photographers'.

We got back on the deportation bus and were driven back to the camp, where we had to wait a couple of hours to see the very peak of Mount Qomolungma appear from the clouds. This night the Netherlands were playing the world cup final against Spain, but since there was not television present, there was no way to see the game. My family kept me updated by sms though, waking me up in the middle of the freezing night with the message that we had not managed to claim the world title...