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Shigatse - Sakya monastery E-mail
Asia - Tibet
10 July 2010

Tibetan monks congregating in Sakya monastery

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On the road from Shigatse to Tingri, Tibet, lies the Tibetan Sakya monastery (officially Pel Sakya, meaning White Earth), seat of the sakya school in Tibetan buddhism. It was founded in 1073. The Mongolian architecture is different than that of other temples in Lhasa for example. Most of the buildings, however, are ruins since they were destructed during the cultural revolution of Mao's China (1966-1976). In 2003 a large library with 84,000 books was found in this monastery, books that were hidden in a 60 meters long and 10 meters high wall. Generally the leaders of the sakya school are married and have children.

I was as sick as a dog, probably at my worst point of the whole trip and didn't manage to get out of the car, so the credits for all these pictures go to my lovely girlfriend who shows she knows how to handle a camera!