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Asia - Tibet
09 July 2010

Monk at Tashilunpon monastery, Tibet

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Leaving Lhasa, we passed the Yam-Drok lake and headed for Shigatse, stopping in Gyantse. Afterwards we stopped at a local house to take a look inside. The owner didn't want us to pay for it, but our stupid guide made us do so. Not that we didn't want to give the family any money, but we were having quarrels with him all the time, since the organization of the trip was horrible and we had to remind him of parts of our program all the time, things he would have skipped without mentioning them otherwise.

After we checked in to our great hotel in Shigatse, the toilet turned out to be clogged and it flooded the bathroom. When we went out to the street our guide had pointed out to us for dinner, we found ONE restaurant after a long time. Its interior was spectacular. We were the only guests.

The next morning I thought I felt slightly better, but after an hour turned out worse than ever. Visiting the Tashilunpon monastery and the tombes of the Panchen lamas, I was hardly able to walk and see everything. I didn't go up with the girls, but stayed downstairs, spying on the pilgrims with my dirty lens, as a Beijing friend once called it.