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Song Kol horseriding E-mail
Asia - Kyrgyzstan
08 August 2010

Alone on a horse in an empty landscape

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The people of Kyrgyzstan have been semi-nomadic herders historically, living in yurts (round tents) and tending horses, sheep and yaks. This nomadic tradition still functions seasonally as herding families return to the pastures (or jailoo) high up in the mountains in the summer. During our stay with one of these families, we took off on horse-back for a few hours and rode up in the hills to the foot of the rougher mountains. The sights were spectacular, as was the lonesomeness of the landscape.

After our stay in the mountains near the Song Kol lake, we would be heading back to Bishkek for more visa business and eventually head for Osh and then into the Fergana valley, Uzbekistan.