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Asia - Kyrgyzstan
07 August 2010

Kyrgyz girl posing in front of the yurt

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After arriving from Kochkor with our Kyrgyz driver, we were welcomed in the yurt of our host family with Kyrgyz delicacies and fermented mare milk. An experience we'll never forget... to say the least. The yurt was a real work of art, with a lot of decorative effects if you took a closer look. The stove was heated by dried cow dung and was also used for cooking. From very young their children are taught to ride horses (as we would do later as well). Communication in Russian was very slow, but one of their daughters could speak some English. The bed, made of a large amount of blankets, was actually very comfortable, but after paying a short visit to the toilet outside at 3 o'clock in the night, it was hard to warm up again. The sky however was absolutely stunning to look at. Due to the total absence of light in the surroundings, the sky looked like one big field of stars. Even more then when I was in the mountains of Peru.