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Asia - India
23 July 2010

Typical fruit vendor cart in the streets of Delhi, India

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Arriving from Kathmandu, capital of Nepal, we got to New Delhi, capital of India, only to find ourselves in the middle of preparations for the Commonwealth games going on. It was a complete and utter mess. The street our hotel was in, looked like either an earth quake had occurred, or a huge bulldozer had driven through and torn off the first two meters of all houses. Later we found out they were broadening the street, but in fact it had been done by brutal force only, as everywhere people were trying to save what could be saved.

Amidst this chaos, some construction workers were already laying the concrete foundations of a new street (or maybe it was to be the new street itself). However, before the concrete could harden, several bikes and tuk tuks had driven through, causing permanent centimetre deep traces in the concrete. As we got mislead and cheated like 4 times in a row, we forgot all our plans of seeing the Taj Mahal in Agra and stayed in our hotel room for nearly a week. Maybe for the better, since - as previously on each visit to India - I fell terribly ill again and could not leave my bed but to go to the bathroom. All in all not the best experience. Still the city served me with some great street photography possibilities and Elene with some scarves and clothes in preparation to our stay in central Asian countries like Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and most of all, Iran!