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Asia - China
23 June 2010

Waterfall in a chinese garden in Dalí

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The bus from Luang Prabang, Laos dropped us off very early in the morning in Kunming. A taxi brought us to the right station, from where (after an hour or two waiting in front of the bus station doors together with an ever growing crowd of Chinese) we took another horrible bus ride to Dalí. Apparently there was no decent road yet. At least we took a rocky, muddy track through the hills and mountains.

On the way we faced another, typical Chinese problem. Somewhere along the road the traffic had gotten stuck due to some obstruction. The queue had grown around the corner and being a Chinese driver, what do you do? Off course! You pass all the traffic queueing on the narrow left side and in the end off course you get stuck to. Conclusion: on each side of the obstruction you have two parallel lanes of traffic that can't go any further nor back. It took us about an hour to get moving again. The most frustrating of it all might be the fact that the Chinese just sit and wait for a solution to appear, which obviously takes hours before one is forced...

Dalí turned out to be a very nice little town where we finally got rid of the package we had been dragging around for over a week now and even better: prices for shipping over sea turned out to be incredible cheap from China! Definately less cheerful was our mood when, months later, we found out it was this package that had been opened somewhere along the line and things had been stolen.