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Asia - Cambodia
05 June 2010

Two Cambodian women carrying goods on large plates on their heads in Battambang

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Battambang seems a nice little provincial town, but actually is the second-largest city in Cambodia with around 250,000 inhabitants. The city was founded in the 11th century and has always been populated with a mix of Cambodians, Lao, Thai and Chinese.
The city offers enough to see for a day or two, with a lot of temples and the Sangker River that flows through town, that provides a picturesque setting. The colonial buildings, a heritage of the period in which Cambodia was ruled by France give the city an attractive impuls.

Expecially attractive and picturesque is the old train station, still featuring some remainders of German-built or -renovated (at the time) rolling stock that is rusting away in the old station area. The station clock has long since stopped ticking and children play games among the overgrown tracks. There is quite a lot to see around Battambang, which you can see in the respective album.