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Killing fields & Tuol Sleng prison E-mail
Asia - Cambodia
04 June 2010

Skulls inside the monument at the Killing Fields, Cambodia

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A day trip from Phnom Penh brought us to the infamous killing fields where thousands of Cambodian citizens were slaughtered in the most brutal ways you can imagine by the Khmer Rouge regime. The nowadays peaceful orchard shows no signs of such brutality at first sight, but as you get closer you'll see parts of bones that come up with the rain every year and the adjourning museum leaves nothing to the imagination, including pictures showing skulls that had been beaten with axes, knives and pointy objects.

Afterwards we headed to the Tuol Sleng prison in Phnom Penh from where prisoners were transported to the extermination fields outside the city, after being tortured. It was both horrible and incredible to see what these people had done to their fellow Cambodians. I afterwards bought the book titled "first they killed my father", that related the life story of a little Cambodian girl, definately worth reading.