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Yam Drok Lake E-mail
Asia - Tibet
09 July 2010

Sheep overlooking a valley near Yam Drok lake, Tibet

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The Yamdrok lake (Yamzho Yumco in Tibetan) lies around 90 kilometres west of Gyantse and a hundred south-east of Lhasa and contains the biggest power station of Tibet. The lake is surrounded by mountain peaks and is fed by several small rivers and overflows on the far western side. According to Tibetan legend, the lake was created by a goddess. Together with the Lhamo La-tso, Manasarovar and Nam tso.

The lake also hosts the famous Samding Monastery that is located on a peninsula in the lake. Nowadays both pilgrims and tourists flock at the lake's shore to touch the holy water.

We merely drove by on our way to Gyantse, coming from Lhasa where we'd been a couple of days.