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Asia - Tibet
04 July 2010

Cave at the Jokhang temple in Lhasa, Tibet

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The Jokhang Temple in the Barkhor area of Lhasa is a famous buddhist temple and is UNESCO listed. It was built in 647 by king Songtsen Gampo. Legend has it that the king threw a ring in the air to decide upon the location of the temple. The ring fell down in a lake and miraculously a stupa arose from the lake from the spot where the ring had landed, after which the water was extracted from the lake, apart from a the middle which is the pond in the middle of the temple nowadays.

The temple has been an important buddhist site of pilgrimage for centuries and one of the most important destinations for pilgrims in Tibet. The architecture is a mixture of Indian, Nepalese and Tang-dynasty styles with on the roof the famous statue of the two golden deer with the dharma wheel in between them.