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Asia - Laos
20 June 2010

Colourful umbrellas in a Luang Prabang (Laos) street

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Luang Prabang was a terrible pain to get to, but once there the place was very pleasant. It was terribly hot and we didn't feel too well, so we had some trouble enjoying it all, but especially the view over the town and the river were worthwile. The busticket to Kunming, China that we booked in Luang Prabang definately wasn't. We had to wait from about eight to after midnight for the bus to show up.

I found out that the restaurant owner in front of whose place we were waiting was Chinese and was able to get some information from him. He called the driver, but in the end it still didn't help. Only psychologically maybe.

And then the most horrible bus right of our lives started. Two nights in a dirty Chinese sleeper bus with smoking and spitting migrant workers. A true nightmare that had some even more unexpected consequences. Our beds had already been slept in and turned out not to have been clean, because my girlfriend's foot got infected. A problem that she would be stuck with for months to come...