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Asia - Laos
18 June 2010

regular Lao bus for long distances, packed with luggage on the roof

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Being more an impression of a short visit to Laos' capital, Vientiane, than a real photografic report, this album contains some street photography I took on the go. We didn't particularly like the city and had recently changed plans. For our new plans we needed more time, so we decided to go through Laos really fast and save about two weeks to spend in Central Asia. The weather being very hot and the both of us not feeling too well, we had a hard time getting around. We tried to get a visa for India and had to move heaven and earth to find a tuk-tuk driver that would bring us there for a somehow reasonable amount of money. They all wanted ten dollars for the ten minute's ride, but in the end we negotiated something like 4 dollars for a one way ride with one. He took the offer, but turned out to have no idea where we wanted to go and brought us to the Thai embassy, the idiot. We could not get our visas soon enough, so we left again, walking back to our hotel. As my girlfriend started to feel worse and worse, we took a break and bought some ice-ceam. A friendly woman addressed us and offered us a ride to the centre. The afternoon we enjoyed the airconditioning of our hotel room, until the power went off 'till late that evening and it was hot again. A pizza in a Swedish pizzeria (I expected a lot, but no Swedish place in Laos!) cheered us up again. The next morning we embarked on a nine hour bus ride bound for Luang Prabang.